Thursday, April 12, 2007

Pocket Web and Blanca Telco

Well, I finally managed to get an accurate benchmark on Pocket's data access, and the results are, well, um, underwhelming. On my PC, some sort of compression is going on so the pain of a slow 'net connection is dulled a bit, but when Bluetooth tethering to my PDA, the full force of a slow connection is felt. How slow, you ask? Well, measuring pretty accurately on a 200k download, the speed was a little over 8 kb/s. Yeah, kilobits. So don't expect to replac eyour ISP, even if it's dialup, soon with Pocket. But hey, it's internet, and sometimes that's all you need. And again, compession softens the speed defecit when tethered to a PC. Anyhow, this proves once again that Pocket's network is currently optimized for voice calling only.

On a similar note, I have yet to test how fast MMS sending works. When I do that, I'll have an accurate upload speed test, and I'll post it here. My bets are hedged on it being actually a little faster than downloads, but still slow...but we'll have to see...

About the other part of the title of this post, I am, as you can see, doing information blurbs about, hopefully, every unlimited carrier in the country, however small they may be, and however many plans they may have that aren't unlimited.

But to the point: I've researched a little bit about Blanca Telephone Company's wireless offering. And found pretty much I'm reserving a fuller review for later. What I do know is that they run a pure digital CDMA network, offer unlimited calling at groundbreaking rates ($16.11 for residentail, $22.11 for business), charge 11.9 cents a minute for long distance (get your calling cards ready!) and provide a reputably good coverage area in Colorado's San Luis valley, down to the New Mexico border. For further information, I have yet to get an email back from them...

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