Monday, April 9, 2007

cricKet...Web For Free

Interesting thing I came across can get CricKet's mobile web feature for free (instead of the $5 extra per month) by simply setting your homepage to something other than CricKet's own page. Granted, with some phones you can't simply type in a URL and set it as a homepage, so you might want to enable web for a month just to "get out to the real web" and set your homepage that way, but for most phones you should be able to go, by one way or another, to a URL and thus circumvent the $5 a month web charge.

As a note, this won't work unless you have IM\MMS enabled, as far as I know, because web relies on a data plan option (not to be confused with CricKet's web option) that lets you send\receive data at all. Then again, unless you have the old $25, $30 or $35 plans you have this provisioning so you're fine. Let the web begin! :)

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