Tuesday, April 17, 2007

CricKet Stuff

Just found out a little bit more about CricKet's new service plans. I didn't know this before, but it looks like the $50 unlimited plan also includes call forwarding and unlimited directory assistance. Which is nice...though Pocket includes the former feature in its $30 unlimited plan, with the latter being just $3 extra on both carriers.

Also, CricKet is coming soon to Charleston, South Carolina. If I remember correctly SunCom is already there, but the cellular industry could stand some competition...:)

By the way, the Kyocera K132 is back on CricKet's website now for $80, the same price as the UTStarCom 7025, or $100 usual retail, looks like. Oh, and the Kyocera K323 is now available (though the Slider Sonic KX5 is gone) for $160.

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