Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Carrier Info: Hargray

Serving a sizeable section of Georgia (though not including the Atlanta metro, looks like), Hargray is one of the mmore competitive unlimited plans. $20 per month gets you unlimited local calling. $40 a month gets you pretty much everything unlimited, including text and picture messaging, call forwarding and data access. If you don't have it (most plans do) unlimited text is a rather high $7 a month (rather high for an unlimited plan). Okay, unlimited directory assistance isn't included but who needs that anyway? Oh, and if you need to roam, you can get the basic unlimited local\long distance plan plus 200 minutes of roaming for $50 a month. And if you need more roaming time or more features, it looks like the $70 600-minute roaming plan is everything that the $40 plan is, except with roaming...sweet...

The phones available on the website are older models, but I'm betting this is because the site hasn't been updated recently. It looks like the phone selection and coverage maps will be updated soon, however, so stay tuned if you're in that area, because the rates are very good. Oh, and yes, you get to these guys via www.hargray.com.

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