Friday, April 20, 2007

CricKet...Coming Soon To Charleston...With A New Phone

Well, now CricKet has a date set on their entrance into Charleston, South Carolina: May 15th. Can you handle unlimited? ;)

But wait! There's more! Samung has endowed CricKet with a nice midrange phone, (the Siren, which looks to be the a870 now on MetroPCS but with a different color scheme) roughly equivalent to the Motorola v323i (though with a color external display and a Samsung logo...and yes it does have Bluetooth) for a relatively palatable $160. And yes, ordering from the website will take awhile...the note on the phone says delayed shipping...but I'm happy to see that CricKet's first Samsung phone (to my knowledge) is a nice one.

And yes, MetroPCS looks to have just gotten this phone, too, for the same price. Interesting...same phone, different carriers, different, non-overlapping areas, same price...hmmm...

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