Monday, April 16, 2007

Pocket Drops Nokia and Samsung

Pocket Communications updated their website today. Well, they updated the phone info page. Besides shuffling around the phones for some inexplicable reason, they've totally discontinued two of their handsets (or rather, ran out of stock of them). These two were the Samsung a630 (a low-end phone, not to be missed) and the high-end Nokia 6255i. Not that you could find the Nokia anywhere anyway, but it's now gone from the site. And two phones, the Audiovox 8910 and the LG vx3200 will be next, so if you want a cheap Pocket phone grab the 3200 while it lasts.

Oh, and by the way...I've heard something about Pokcet getting some fancy Nokia slider phone...sounds to me like the 6265, which is a heckuva phone. I just hope the rumors are true. Granted, it'll probably cost $300, but it'll be worth every penny :).

And if you're wondering about the Treo 650 on Pocket (which is crazy expensive by the way, but may well be worth it to some people who want an unlimited PDA phone with cheap everything), it looks like it won't be out for awhile yet. Something about the data network not boing up to par is what the reps at the San Antonio store mentioned. I concur...8.5 kb/s isn't exactly what you want to be piping to a PDA as modern as the 650.

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