Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Pocket Makes Slight Price Cuts On Older Phones

I just checked Pocket's site today, and they have put up some of their older phones again, albeit at reduced prices and with the note that they aren't available everywhere. Looks like they want to clear out the old they are...

Audiovox 8910 - $129 ($5 drop) - Cheap for a cameraphone, but it is a cheapo phone
Samsung a630 - $89 ($10 drop) - Bulky, no web, no caller ID...I'll pass but it's solid and cheap...
LG vx3200 - $89 ($10 drop I think) - Old but good...if you need a basic phone without an external display, this is a fine choice

Oh, and if you haven't been paying attention to the website for the past few weeks, besides the new phones, the Kyocera Milan, with its caller ID display, is now $99, making an okay but bad-brand (Kyocera is known for its iffy quality) phone.

Last, (I might as well say it here as anywhere else) current Pocket subscribers can, for $35, grab a B-stock (refurbished, as-is though they look to be okay) LG vx3200. It's pretty much the most basic Pocket phone out there, but hey, it's $35...then again a new phone with a month of service (if you change your number and are in the right place) is $89...but then again B-stocks are only available in a few places...

But anyhow it's nice to see Pocket prices going down, with $80 phones available from other unlimited carriers.

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