Friday, April 20, 2007

Pocket Goes Cheap with the Moto v120e

Cheap? How about free?

No kidding.

On an unlimited service.

I didn't believe it either when I first saw it, but once you mail in your $40 rebate and get a $30 trade-in credit (trading in a phone from another carrier...which isn't too hard to find...) this phone is (aside from the tax on $39...$69 minnus the $30 trade-in credit) absolutely free!

Not only is the phone free, but so is the first month of service on Pocket! Like dude, whoa...looks like unlimited is going mainstream...

The catch?

The phone you're getting is the Motorola v120e. Yeah, the phone that has been around since 2002. It's a solid phone but you won't find so much as polyphonic ringtones or a color screen here. You do get text messaging, voice calling, voice recording and such, but that's about it.

Then again, you can, since you have an active line of service, go into a big Pocket store and grab a newer (though still not new) LG vx3200 for $36 plus tax. Though you probably couldn't get better than that, since Pocket is giving this phone away for a they don't want it back...

But hey, it is a phone, and it is unlimited of's free. Here's hoping that'll win some more customers to Pocket...they're a pretty good carrier overall and this is something that's just too cool that they've come out with...all I can say is "grab it while it lasts!"

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