Sunday, April 15, 2007

Info: Cincinnati Bell

If you live up in the Ohio\Indiana area, Cincinnati Bell is available. Not that they have anything special, but they're available..

Their unlimited plan is $100 a month (ouch!) but it looks like the plan is nationwide and includes the usual calling features and long distance.

Phone-wise, you get what you pay for...the free phones are basic, and the feature phones are expensive. As is with all "real" carriers (yes, Cincinnati Bell requires a contract) you do get PDA phones, albeit at a pretty great expense.

And yes, they run GSM...which is probably why they're rather expensive\expansive for their unlimited plan. Oh, and you can visit them at To get to the wireless site, click Consumers, then click wireless.

My verdict: it's unlimited and it's wide-area, but it's costly...

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