Sunday, April 22, 2007

Info: Five Star Wireless

In short (I don't have much time to write this) Five Star Wireless's unlimited plan gies you unlimited minutes in the carrier's crazily signal-rich four-county Texas hill country calling area. It's the best unlimited signal money can buy in this area...and yes I'm implying that the money isue is higher than normal...

Phones start at about $100, including activation and the first month of service, and range from the old Samsung a630 to the Nokia 2125 and 6015. Want better? Pay more (a LOT more) and you can get a really nice the tune of the KRZR and the Nokia 6265. In between there are some other Motorolas, Nokias and Kyoceras, ranging from the old (relatively) Razr v3c and Kyocera Slider Remix to, as said, the KRZR and the basic Motorola w315.

The service is $30 a month for just the basic local calling package (dunno how far that extends...maybe just to the phone's local service area, maybe not). Unlimited long distance is $15 extra, the steepest I know of for such an addon with unlimited service. Calling features, on the other hand, (Caller ID, Voicemail, Call Waiting), are slightly less horrible, at $10 extra...because they also include unnlimited text messaging (normally a teeny $2 per month, or rather $1.95, on postpaid plans). Taxes are extra.

And yes, these rates are a little high, but hey, it's the best signal on unlimited money can buy...just like Verizon offers the fewest perks of any carrier yet still scores due to huge coverage...except Verizon roams off of these guys, and these guys (except for the unlimited plan, which to my knowledge has no roaming as it has no contract) roam on Verizon.

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