Sunday, April 29, 2007

Info: Epic PCS

Okay, starting up with the carrier info blurbs again...

Epic PCS is a small carrier that has a netowrk in southwest Kansas and the Oklahoma panhandle. Plus they roam for free off of Westlink's network up there (whoever Westlink is) which is probably why their coverage is that big (their own network is quite small). Online, they're at

They have two unlimited plans to choose from. Their "A" plan includes all the nromal calling features and free incoming, local and mobile-to-mobile calling. Long distance is 10 cents a minute and roaming is 39 cents a minute. The plan itself is $39, taxes and fees included.

The "BE" plan doesn't mention any calling features or roaming. Long distance isn't even built into the have to use a calling card. But that means the price of the service will always be $29.99 a month.

Unlimited texting is available for an additional $3.95 per month, and wireless email over GPRS is $2 a month. MMS is also available. Not bad...

And yes, they are a GSM carrier, and they do have an EDGE network actually. Their own phone selection is relatively poor, with the highest-end phones being the Nokia 3220 and the Motorola v400. And they're VERY expensive (the Nokia 6010 is $90 with a new activation). But since we're talking about GSM here you can just bring your own phone, and Epic will probably give you a IM for cheap.

All in all, their service looks good, albeit small, for people in the area they serve. If you wanted to put a Razr on their service it would work well and unlimited everything would be available at a good price. That's always nice.

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