Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Info: Revol

Rounding out the big names in the unlimited cellular space, Revol has the distinction of not having the first month of service included with phone purchases. Which, with their higher rates in general, makes their service what looks to be the most expensive in the "Tier 1" unlimited market. But there are some $29 (plus service) phones, though they're on the older side, and require rebates. Their highest-end phone isn't very high-end either...it's just the Kyocera Strobe, at a jaw-dropping $219 plus service.

But Revol, whose price plans range from $37 to $57 a month, has numerous discounts if you care to use them. You can save $5 a month on your bill by using their credit card "Autopay" service, and another $5 on the $47 and $57 plans by pairing (or three-ing or four-ing) up with another Revol line. With both discounts, Revol, for the features, is cheaper on their $47 and $57 plans than MetroPCS or CricKet. And with Autopay their cheapest plan isn't too shabby either. But again, you pay more for the phones, there is no service included with a new phone, and if you don't Autopay you pay more.

There are a few interesting features on this carrier, which covers a fair part of the Great Lakes states, such as Revol Perks, a feature that pops up ads-er-coupons on your phone...oh, and they give you $10 for using it. Revol also has a 1-million-plus-song 99-cent-per-download music catalog.

So Revol isn't quite your ordinary unlimited carrier, but they're definately in that category...

And there you have it: summaries of all the major unlimited carriers. Now to the lesss well known, regional, ones...

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