Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Pocket Flashing and New Coverage

Okay, okay, this will be the last announcement before I get down to normal business, but in the fairly near future Pocket Communications will be able to reprogram\flash whatever phone you have, as long s it's CDMA, to their network. Dunno for how much though...hopefully you just have to pay a few dollars on top of the normal price for your first month of Pocket service. Anyway, this means that you can likely get a phone for cheaper than Pocket offers it for, then put it on Pocket, then be fine, with all the features, from voice calling to text messaging to picture messaging and wek, available.

The bottom line is that if flashing is cheap and you can get all of Pocket's features, you can now get a nice phone on Pocket for less expensive htan currently, and a lower-end phone for very cheap...and if you're moving from another provider, like Verizon or Sprint, more power to you! I, for one, am relatively excited...v3c Verizon Razrs for $120 plus the month of service and a flashing fee isn't so bad.

The other announcement is that I saw a new coverage area on the Pocket area maps when I went to one of their San Antonio stores: the Rio Grande valley. It's contigious with the rest of Pocket's coverage, which is a plus, and covers a nice swath of the area. From what I've heard it won't be "live" until early summer, but it is coming, and more coverage is always a plus.

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