Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Cricket Offers Pay-By-Week Service

Hmmm...seems that CricKet is shaking things up on the unlimited front as of late. Their newest foray into the unlimited field is a pay-by-week plan. That's right, you can now buy unlimited cellular in lesss-than-a-month increments. The catch? What would normally cost $50 per month costs $18 a week...so you're paying more for three weeks of service than you'd be paying for a month, if you do choose to do day-by-week. Lucrative, huh?

EDIT: This $18 includes all taxes and fees, which actually makes it a better deal than first thought, what with the $50 plan falling closer to $60 with taxes and fees. Sweet.

As far as features go, as I said you get what's included on the $50 plan. You know, unlimited everything on CricKet's home network and you pay for roaming?

Anyhow, it's at least an interesting development. It'll be even more interesting to see whether any of the other unlimited carriers decide to compete with this, and if so how...

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