Tuesday, February 12, 2008

v9m on CricKet

Making its name as the first unlimited US carrier to offer the phone, or at least the first major one, CricKet now has the Motorola Razr1 v9m. The cost? A cool $379.99. Ouch...but it is about the same as the 1-year upgrade price of the phone on other carriers, plus you get a month of service included if you're signing onto CricKet for the first time. THe question isn't really whether the phone is "worth it, just whether it's worth it to you to shell out nearly four hundred bucks for something not quite as capable as the $400 iPhoe. Though the former runs on an unlimited network and the latter runs on...a nationwide network. Take your pick if you have the dough. I for one am glad to see a high-end phone filter down in the ranks of the unlimited's. Look for it on MetroPCS within five minutes ;)

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