Monday, February 4, 2008

Helio, Down to $100

phoneScoop just spotted this but it has been up for awhile. The long and short of it is, everything's unlimited for $99 per month. Plus taxes and fees, if I remember correctly, but it's still an aesome deal on Sprint's network. All of Sprint's network. Even other carriers' networks at the same performance level as on a Sprint contract plan. This is, after all, a contract plan. Except a lot sweeter. You get unlimited o all the below:

Picture and Video Messaging
GPS\Google Maps

I've said it before and I'll say it again: while I'm perfectly happy with my smartphone on Sprint's $30-a-month SERO plan (plus $7 for insurance, which netted me a fairly new phone for $50), this is an awesome deal. Hope Helio stays around...

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Tommy said...

Helio has changed the rules of the game with this offering and with Exclusive Helio Dealer Promotions at you can now get the Helio Ocean for under a $100. Unlimited plan for $99 and Helio Ocean for $99 is a limited time promotion.