Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Unlimited By Sprint - $129

Yes, Sprint now has unlimited...everything...for $129 per month. RIght now it's not on their was just introduced today...but it is definitely out. So if you want Sprint phones instead of Helio phones, and want Sprint's flavor of unlimited minutes, messaging and web, you've got it. So you're now no longer limited to a particular area of the U.S. for unlimited service, nor are you limited to a specific section of less-than-great phones. If you're willing to pay $130 a month that is. To compare, this is about the price of other carriers' 2000-minute plans with a similar level of functionality. Well, other carriers might charge $120 per month or $140, but basically you have to use 2000+ minutes per month, on anytime usage, to make this plan worthwhile. Then again, if you use that much, this is just awesom.

I predict T-Mobile to also roll out an unlimited plan in the near future, probably at a similar or maybe lower price, on their network. Verizon and AT&T? I expect them to sit on their laurels until they rot. Seriously.

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