Wednesday, February 6, 2008

MetroPCS + ZTE = CricKet + CompCal

Heard of the two first companies in the equations? Of course. Te second guys?

Today CricKet released the EZ, a $49.99 bar phone from the Taiwanese CompCal. The little guy uses a VIA signaling processor. No vibrate alert, no speakerphone, just a color screen and relatively slim (0.63") profile in a bar design that sets a new low on new-phone cost from CricKet. i'd be surprised if the phone actually can't do vibrate alert, as its CricKet website specs say, but considering you can buy the phone for less than the cost of some of the service plans that could come free for a month with purchase, it could happen.

Recently (probably in the last few days) MetroPCS also added a phone to its lineup. I believe ZTE, though, is a Chinese phone maker. The ZTE C88 is also a higher-end phone than the EZ, and sports a higher price, at $139. Its styling is similar, albeit more thickly-set, and with only a VGA camera, versus the Moto's 1.3 megapixel unit. You could say it's basically a Motorola w385, except with a color external screen, a bigger internal screen (or so it appears) and a $10 price cut. That and a name people will never, ever, recognize.

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