Sunday, February 24, 2008

Page Plus Cellular Unlmited Now Cheaper

Page Plus Cellular resells Verizon Wireless's network. They offer prepaid plans, among them an unlimited one. You don't get off-network capability and text messages are 15 cents apiece with no upgrades available, but the $2.49 per day pricing ($75-ish per month) is much better than what you'll get with Verizon. The cost of Page Plus's plan, if you buy your airtime from the right places, may actually be comparable to Verizon's own 900-minute plan, where your only unlimited airtime is to other Verizon customers or during nights and weekends. The page Plus plan is as much as 35% cheaper than Verizon's own unlimited offering, which is darned impressive, though you'll have to find your own phone to take advantage of this offering.

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Jibril said...

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