Wednesday, February 20, 2008

US Cellular Joins In!

Yep, US Cellular now has an unlimited plan, too. It's the same-as-others $100 per month for voice. Unlimited messaging is $15 per month. Unlimited data is $10 per month, but it's only 1xRTT (2-3x dialup). I didn't expect this, as US cellular has a lot of network stuff to keep up (analog, TDMA, CDMA) but in the face of competition when it coems to heavy talkers, they probably didnt have a choice.

Which leaves Alltel and Spint...mostly Sprint...where? C'mon Sprint, take the area restriction off your unlimited service and offer a $100 voice-only unlimited plan and you're in the running with everyone else. Alltel, time to ape Verizon, or Sprint (take your pick, you have Verizon-like coverage and Sprint-like phones and inovation-ish stance). Hmm...

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