Friday, July 6, 2007

Speaking of SunCom...

...they've amped up their unlimited "UnPlan". And they've added a $150-a-month unlimited nationwide plan...but back to UnPlan...

First off they've got the usual $60-$80 a month unlimited plan depending on what type of contract and roaming you want.

But here's where the fun begins: you can get unlimited local, long distance, text messaging, picture messaging and web access for $70 a month ($50 a month for additional lines) on the SunCom network or $100 a month ($70 a month for additional lines) for an expanded "Regional" area, which includes roaming on other carriers...I suppose that would be AT&T.

Granted, unlimited doesn't come particularly cheap with SunCom, but the wide coverage area may well make up for it.

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