Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Pocket - Weekly Plan, Cheaper Razrs

Well, looks like Pocket took a Page out of CricKet's page...except made it cheaper, as usual. They now offer a weekly plan like CricKet's, except $3 a week cheaper. More expensive than their $37 plan (which offers the same features) by a larger amount than CricKet's $18 plan is relative to the monthly plan it micics (if you follow me) but hey, it is cheaper than CricKet's weekly plan by a noticeable margin.

Also, Pocket has shaved $10 off the price of their v3m's now $269...and $30 off the v3c so that phone is just $249...though CricKet' wait...the Pocket v3c is now cheaper (by $10) than the CricKet v3c! Sweet...

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