Friday, July 6, 2007

Pocket - New Phone, New Coverage, New Ringtone Store!

Yes, I'm finally getting back "into the loop" as far as unlimited cellular goes. So take a look here because I'll start posting here more often...

First off, Pocket has just gotten a new phone. Well, not really new in that it's hot off the manufacturing lines but new in that it's new to the carrier. It's the Motorola v262.

Granted, it's not a fefature phone by any stretch of the imagination, but it is color, it is a flip, it does have an external display, and it's just $79 plus tax. Cheaper than any other phone on Pocket with a color screen. Then again, people seem iffy on the quality of this model...though they're A LOT more iffy on the quality of the "next model up", the Kyocera Milan that Pocket offers for $20 more.

EDITED: I said earlier that the Moto v262 has reversed send\end keys. Looks like the Pocket version doesn't. Sweet.

Second, Pocket has extended their home coverage monolith to the Rio Grande valley. Now keep in mind the coverage extends only to Brownsville and Raymondville in the southeastern Corpus Christi yet...but every little bit helps, and in this case it's not really just "a little bit". I'm honestly not sure whether to trust the coverage maps or not, but if I'm more optimistic than they are...and am correct in my optimism...Pocket's coverage triangle is downright huge compared with anything below regional carriers like Dobson CellularOne (now part of AT&T). Which, for an unlimited carrier, is uber-cool.

Third, Pocket now has its own ringtone and graphic store. Not much will be said here because it's darn expensive and seems to be Latino-oriented (nothing against Latinos but I'm not one). Just sayin' they noow have their own media portal.

In sum, a good bit has happened with Pocket recently, and so far that's been a good thing.

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