Friday, July 6, 2007

Can you say Huawei? How about ZTE? MetroPCS Can...

Old news, yes, but FCC watchers recently spotted two Chinese-made handsets headed MetroPCS' way. Wonder if the Chinese brand names will make MetroPCS cheaper...or just cheapen it...

The first one, seen june 19th here:

is the Huawei M318. No frills...personally, it looks to fit into the class of the Motorola w370 or equivalent.

The second one, spotted the 21st here:

is the ZTE C88. It's actually quite feature-filled, with dual color displays, stereo Bluetooth, a camera, USB data transfer...pretty much "the works". Oh and it looks moderately cool as well...a heckuva lot cooler in my opinion than what UTStarCom is making for Verizon anyway. Wonder how much it'll cost...MetroPCS'll pick up some of the tab for having its brand exclusively plastered round the phone, right?

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