Friday, July 6, 2007

Revol Intro's PTT, $67 Plan

Along with a few new (as usual with such carriers not new to the world, just to the carrier) phones, Revol has introduced Push To Talk. It's $7 per month unless you have the $57 or $67 plans...or for now the $47 plan, in which case it's included in the monthly fee. That's for unlimited, of course.

Phone-wise, the typical lot of Kyocera feature phones sport the feature: the KX16 Candid, the K322 (like the Cyclops but different), the KX160 Xcursion and the KX444. I'm 99.9999% sure that Revol PTT runs on Kodiak's version of the service...meaning that the connection will be a few seconds (slow) to start but great after that.

...and for the other thing: if you want cheaper international calling, call forwarding and international text messaging in addition to your high-end unlimited-plan features, Revol has added a flagship plan for just a shocking (for unlimited) $67 per month. Then again, stepping up to just Call Forwarding and International Text Messaging from the lower plan costs the same so why not...

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