Sunday, April 20, 2008


Sorry to make this post short, but I have a resolution tonight: go to bed at a reasonable hour.

Anyway, if you want mobile broadband looks like you actually have a nationwide, non-contract, possibly unlimited (though if you get Verizon you get the 5GB per month limit, grr) option for $59.99 a month, plus $65 (incuding shipping) for the modem: Millenicom ( Head on over to and hunt up the Millenicom forum for more info. People seem to like them and while the service ain't as cheap as CricKet's $35-$40 option (plus taxes I'd suppose, though I hear tell they're not nearl as high as taxes on regular cellular service) you actually get nationwide broadband without having to touch a contract. You could even sign up your own EvDO card, so if someone wants to donate their old aircard to you you're set. Or, more likely, if you buy a Sprint-equipped laptop and don't mind not getting a service credit you can get mobile broadband like it was WiFi: built in. I may actually do this...


Vinho said...

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uVme said...

Nice blog, very useful! How come there aren't any cheaper "completely unlimited" plans in St. Louis, MO? I am on my phone all day, and I would like to get a phone that also has unlimited data, so that I can use it for a laptop, but the cheapest service available to us is Sprint and Helio. I don't want a contract and I know that some companies are charging half that rate. Please send some advice!

kuei12 said...

Millenicom? How about MilleniCON?
I used to like Millenicom.
MilleniCON lost their contract with sprint. Now they are appearantly with verizon. Instead of getting broadband speeds you now get dial up speeds (115kbts) for the same price. $60/month for rediculously slow dialup. They tried to pull a fast one on their customers by not telling them about the contract or speed changes. When customers called to complain they told them there was a problem with their franklin 680 and they needed to send in for a replacement. In return you get an entirely different (cheap POS) verizon compatable modem.
Now when you call and complain about the speeds being 1/10th of promised broadband speeds they give you the runaround. Then when you want to cancel. Your contract they play the "we never received the device in original box with cd back" game. So, the only way to immediately close your account with milleniCON is to have your bank shut off your debit/credit card you signed up with for milleniCON and issue a new one. Just love being without a debit card for the holiday season.
My recommendation is:
Avoid MilleniCON like the plague. Deceitful business tactics.