Wednesday, April 9, 2008

CricKet EvDO Phones

Just in case you were curious, if you want a cell phone that does EvDO on CricKet, where they have that service, here are the ones. No Rev. A phones yet (nobody has 'em except Sprint anyway) but it's better than 1xRTT crud:

Motorola Razr2 v9m
Motorola Rokr z6m
Samsung r500's it. Enjoy your miniscule selection of high-speed phones. Then again, MetroPCS may not be any better, and Pocket doesn't even have EvDO...I still woner how well CricKet Ev works.


Beezle said...


You forgot a few:

Motorola L7c (SLVR)
Motorola V3c (RAZR)

and just about any newer phone (LG, Samsung, Motorola, Kyocera, Treo 700+, Pocket PC, Mogul, HTC Touch, Motorola Q) from Verizon/Alltel/etc that has been flashed to Cricket by somebody who knows how to enable EVDO on flashed phones.

Also, keep in mind that most EVDO capable phones that cricket sales do not come with EVDO configured, nor with an EVDO PRL. There are only a couple of cricket markets that will download an EVDO PRL over-the-air with *228. Most larger cricket markets have EVDO, although not in any official capacity, and it's only well-flashed phones from other providers, especially pocket pc phones, that have been taking advantage of the EVDO that is available, but not supported, in most markets..

cafox said... offers many EVDO capable phones such as the HTC Mogul and HTC Touch