Thursday, March 20, 2008

MetroPCS Wins in 700 MHz, drops w385

The results are out. Verizon won the nation on the C block of the 700 MHz spectrum auction here in the old US of A. AT&T got a lot of coverage too, but not the whole U.S. MetroPCS actually picked up some territory as well, so expect...ehm...quad-band phones sooner or later on their service. We're not talking GSM here...your MetroPCS phone will be operating on 700, 1700 and 1900 MHz service on its own network, and possibly 850 MHz elsewhere. This spetrum thing is going to be a mess if people don't watch out...

In other news, MetroPCS no longer lists the Motorola w385 camera phone as for sale on its website. Probably because they consider the ZTE C88 as a decent substitute. To which I say "whatever". The review of that phone is here by PhoneScoop. Oh, and has anyone seen the SLVR L7c lately on MetroPCS's site? Because it's there now and I don't recall it being there a little while back.

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