Friday, March 7, 2008

Alltel Goes unlimited, Very Quietly

Last to the big-carrier unlimited party, even behind the smaller US Cellular (and rounding out all cell phone carriers with over ten million customers, to my knowledge), is Alltel.

They're not giving away the far either. $100 gets you what it gets you on Verizon or AT&T: unlimited voice, that's it. As usual, they aren't putting the plan up on their website the first day, but they didn't even give it a press release.

Alltel's reasoning: their My Circle plans are good enough, right? For $100 on My Circle, you get 2000 anytime minutes, unlimited nights and weekends and unlimited calling to and from twenty (yes, TWENTY!) numbers of your choice. Plans of $60 or more get ten free numbers, $50 gets five and $40 gets one. You even have it on the North American Freedom (Canada and Mexico roaming free) plan, with the same price criteria: $60 or more gets 10 numbers, $100 or more gets 20.

Still you gotta admit that $100 for unlimited calling to everybody is better than unlimitd to twenty people, with 2000 minutes and nigths and weekend for everyone else. Espeially if you're using the phone as a business line...

But hey, Alltel has unlimited for $100 per month now, so who am I (or anyone) to complain?

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