Monday, January 7, 2008

CricKet gains Samsung r500, Loses Nokias

CricKet is down to ten phones. The Razr v3c and the Nokia 6275, which were previously merely "out of stock", appear now to be gone for good. Drat...both were decent phones at decent prices. The somewhat-replacement is the Samsung r500 music phone. It looks to be an analog of MetroPCS's less angular flip the u520, but with a few less features (like external controls and a color external screen to use them with) and a slightly lower ($20) price tag if you order online. Pass me the coffee...I'm about to fall out of my chair with the un-impressiveness of CricKet's current lineup. Sure, they've got the Krzr for cheap and the Rokr for expensive, but othewise the lineup is all Kyoceras (junky), UTStarComs (slightly less junky), a low-end Motorola (the w315, which is okay but nothing to write home about) and the aforementioned Samsung. Zzzzz...can someone come out with something cool? I don't know but LG and Samsung have nice rings to them. Oh, and Nokias...Nokias are to die for.

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