Friday, January 11, 2008

CricKet Cellular Shakeup

Oky, we've seem a lot of these phones before, but CricKet is finally moving away, or at least appears to be moving away, from Kyocera as a main phone provider. The K323 is now gone, leaving just two phones (the low-end K132 and the high-end M1000) as available CricKet handsets.

The replacements? The usual suspects.

The Razr is back, badder than ever. Er...worse then ever. This time around it's the v3a, the same underpowred version seen on MetroPCS and Alltel. No high-speed data, just the slow 1xRTT. No 1.3-megapixel camera...just a VGA affair. Looks like 2008 is the new 2005. Oh, and at a mere $10 less than the KRZR, nobody's gonna buy it. Well, until the KRZR goes out of stock...blech. Speaking of out of stock, the ROKR z6m is not available from CricKet's site, but I'm thinking this is a temporary problem. After all, MetroPCS has the phone and it;d be unwise for CricKet not to keep offering something as high-end.

Going down the list, you see not just one, but two Samsung phones. One, the Siren, has been on the site before...nothing to write home about really; seems I remember MetroPCS carrying something similar awhile back. Just your typical Bluetooth-toting, dual-colordisplay cameraphone, for $20 less than its mp3-playing cousin or its slim Motorola rival, to which it has practical feature parity.

The second phone is the Samsung u340. Yep, the Verizon phone...a freebie on their network, or $40 on their prepaid. Also known on Alltel as the Snap. U.S. Cellular has their own version of the phone as well. Not a horrible phone, but not particularly high-end sells for $130. Cheap for a new cameraphone, but it has few other benefts. Go4Prepaid has a bit of a review on this one.

Scrolling down to the very bottom, looks like CricKet has opened their junk drawer again. The Audiovox 8910 is available for $60 refurbished, as is the Motorola v262 for $10 less. Not impressed. But hey, CricKet has fourteen phones, with thirteen total models, on the table at the mo...wait...the UTStarcom 77026 is out of stock...wonder whether it's going away...

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