Thursday, October 2, 2008

CricKet Intros Pay-by-Day "PAYGo" some places

The premise is simple, and can be seen on other providers, just not unlimited ones generally spaking: pay $X per day for services on days you use your phone. CricKet has now entered the field...and it looks very profitable for them. Available right now in select markets, their PAYGo plan is as follows, rate-wise, per-day, for unlimited features:

  1. $1: Local calling and calling features (Voicemail, Caller ID, Call Waiting)
  2. $2: $1 plan plus text\picture messaging
  3. $3: $2 plan plus international texting, long distance, mobile web, directory assistance

None of these plans are a particularly good deal (except maybe the $1 plan) if you use your phone most of, or all of, the month, however if you don't use your phone all the time, but ue it a lot on days when you do use the service, these plans are just the ticket.

Speaking of "select areas", looks like CricKet is adding a few more coverage areas soon. In addition to their new St. Louis and Las Vegas markets, Savannah, GA and Milwaukee, WI are in the works.

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