Friday, July 18, 2008

CricKet Intros Moto v3s

Looks like CricKet also has the Motorola v3s. They're currently only offering it in AWS-only markets (like Las Vegas, Oklahoma City and southern Texas) at a price of $200, $180 if you buy online. Its features mirror those of the dual-band v3a (available on regular-band markets for a mere $110 online, probably to clear out stock) though it has a different finish ("spun metal" versus matte). Keep in mind that this Razr's features mirror those of the original Cingular\T-Mobile Razr: no high-speed data, no music player, no high-res camera. In other words, this is lower-end than the original CDMA version of the Razr. Now if you're okay with all that, go ahead and hit the buy button; it's a better phone than the rest of CricKet's AWS lineup.

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